Wednesday, January 11, 2017

England Day 7: I Love London!

Sunday morning I awoke feeling... yes, nauseated, but it was the last morning I felt sick and by afternoon I was feeling much better. I was still tired but so was Diana, so we were more evenly matched. We took the train to London and it was so great to see so much of England. We saw the huge white chalk horses on the hills and lots of green rolling hills. When we finally arrived at Paddington Station we had a little trouble trying to find our way out, but eventually we figured it out and made our way to our amazing London hotel, The Royal Park which was a five minute walk to Hyde Park. We spent the afternoon walking through the park just soaking up the sunshine, the people and the beauty of the giant trees, lakes and gardens. The next few days we went over to Hyde Park several times to just explore it. It is immense and fabulous. So many things to discover!
After walking through the park we saw the Albert Memorial on the south side of it. It is humongous! Then we walked to the Victoria and Albert Museum. I asked the lady at the front desk where The David by Michelangelo was? She looked it up on her computer and told me it was in Florence, Italy. I just smiled and laughed to myself and set out to find it. We did eventually, after asking a few more people that actually knew what was in their museum. It is an amazing copy given to Queen Victoria, I believe. I can't believe I don't need to go to Florence anymore to see it. I got to check that one off my bucket list. It's great because there are so many places I want to visit in Italy.
We hurried over to St. Paul's to listen to an amazing organ concert. No photography was allowed so we couldn't get any pictures. The music was sublime. The jewel box ceiling of St. Paul's is breathtaking. And the history of the cathedral is one of my favorites because my ancestors are a part of it. They lived in that very area of London around the 1600's and before St. Paul's was even there.
After not liking the subway there, we decided to take a bus back to our hotel. Too much walking underground. All the buses are double decker and we loved riding on top in the front. Better than a roller coaster. I don't know how they do it, without killing anyone! We had room service for dinner, which was so nice because we were tired.

I feel much better now.

Hyde Park is to the right on the map, we also visited Kensington Gardens the next day.

I had to find this statue of Peter Pan.

The Victoria and Albert museum courtyard.

The man, the myth, the legend. The David is more than I ever could imagine.

Something the Victorians used to cover his privates when the ladies came to see him.

Me looking weird enjoying my cream tea, which is Peppermint tea and a scone.

The tea room at the Victoria and Albert museum.

St. Paul's Cathedral is huge! No bird ladies today. (Mary Poppins)

We loved our crazy bus rides! Birdseye view of Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus.

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