Saturday, July 8, 2017

Day 8: Windsor Wonderland

The next day we headed out to Windsor to see, of course, Windsor Castle. We met my sister's niece and her little boy at the castle and spent the day with them. This was my favorite day of the trip. It was a lovely place and being with family that lived in England just made it so comforting. It was pretty cold and windy but we were inside a lot so that made it nice. First we toured the castle, which was A-Maz-ing. A fire destroyed a lot of precious parts of this wing of the castle, but the restoration was incredible. You would never know, if you didn't know already. We had a delicious lunch and afterward took a cruise down the Thames. This was so great! I highly recommend it, if you are in Windsor. We sat inside and were the only ones there. There was a huge window to look through and it was magical. We saw boys from Eton college at rowing practice and other boats and birds along the river. After that we went to St. George Chapel, the Queen's church where her family is buried and you know people like Henry the VIII. It was cool. We also saw the changing of the guard there, probably not as grand as the show in front of Buckingham Palace, but we checked it off our list. Also, I had to find the crooked house before we left.
When we got back to London that night we walked around Hyde Park again and over to the Kensington Gardens side as well where Kensington Palace is. Then we walked back through Ambassador Street. I found some roses along the way and enjoyed a nice long sniff of a real English rose.
Windsor Castle's gate

The mote is now a beautiful garden.

The changing of the guard.

Yummy lunch

Windsor Castle seen from the Thames.


That notorious crooked house, I found it!
Kensington Palace

Queen Victoria

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