Friday, August 4, 2017

Day 9-11: England Truly is a Magical Place

Well it's taken me over two years to write about this trip. This last post will have the most pictures in it because we went to a magical place. A place that existed only in our minds and on the silver screen previously. Oh yeah and at theme parks in Florida and California. We took a train and a bus to get there from London. This place far exceeded our expectations. This place is the Warner Bros. Studio Tour of the Making of Harry Potter. It was magical! Later that evening we walked along the Thames in London and took a few pictures before having our last meal in England, which was the best tasting of the trip because I felt 100% again. I wish we had a few more days to explore London, but it's good to save a few things if I'm ever back to the motherland. I found out this year that I'm 48% British! That just makes sense to me because I love so many things about England and I look forward to exploring more of it in the future and Scotland and Wales. Hopefully Ireland too because I'm 22% Irish! The next day we began our journey home with our last room service and a Bentley to the airport. I love my sister, she really knows how to spoil a girl!

It looks so unassuming!

The room under the stairs.

About to enter the Great Hall.

A real stone floor.

So cool to be in the Dining Hall.

We had to get to the right train station.

The Hogwarts Express

Here we go!

Dumbledore's office is A-Mazing!

This room was so detailed I wish we had more pictures of it.

The details of the sets are incredible.

The Goblet of Fire is hand carved! 

Harry's house, I had goosebumps!

The Knight Bus

Amazing sets!

The picture doesn't do it justice. They used this to film the flying scenes and such.

We got to film ourselves flying around London and Hogwarts. I have the movie on my computer, quite entertaining.

Westminster Abbey

Our last stroll through London.

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